Company Incorporation

REQUIREMENTS for the incorporation of a company in Hong Kong:

  • minimum share capital of HKD1.00.
  • minimum of one individual or company, who will be the shareholder.
  • minimum of one director that can also be the same individual as the shareholder.
  • a Hong Kong resident company secretary for liaison with the authorities for the (1st year service included as part of the setup package).
  • a Hong Kong registered office address for receipt of government mail and notices.

The shareholder and director can be of any nationality and do no need to be a resident in Hong Kong.

What we need from you:

  • a completed Online Incorporation Form:
  • a copy of each shareholder’s and director’s passports.
  • a copy of a bank statement that is dated from the last 60 days showing residential address from each shareholders and director.

*NOTE: depending on the nature of business, further documents may be required.

REQUIREMENTS for the incorporation of a company overseas such as; BVI, Cayman Islands, and Samoa

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What now?

Feel free to check out all of our Incorporation packages to decide what is the best option for your new business.  We are pleased to help you with further advice if needed.

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